Localizing quadcopter without GPS

Localizing quadcopter without GPS is a problem which needs specific solution according to the environment. I looked for optical flow using px4_flow as the quickest solution, but I soon found out that we won’t be able to use optical flow in the indoor IARC arena due to the lack of distinct features in the uniform … [Read more…]

System design for IARC mission 7


This article describes the system design for IARC mission 7. Background: Hardware: We use APM ardupilot as the flight control unit and Raspberry Pi 3 / Odroid XU4. Software: We develop our software on Robotics Operating System (ROS). Hence I have developed all our system on ROS framework. The following is a self explanatory diagram … [Read more…]

True value setup using april tags

Every lab working on quadcopters should have a true value setup. We required true value setup for testing the accuracy of indoor localization system and providing location feedback to control the quadcopter in case of failure of on-board localization systems. We don’t have access to “Vicon Motion Capture” setup, so an accuracy of 5cm using … [Read more…]

mavROS and Gazebo simulation of quadcopter

For the IARC mission 7 arena, we initially created a simulator in Gazebo (quad_simulator) based on Hector Gazebo. The problem that we faced was the portability of ROS packages between the simulator and the real quadcopter due to the difference between flight control frameworks of hector gazebo and mavLink. Hence we shifted to mavROS and … [Read more…]

Grid localization of quadcopter


In order to localize the quadcopter in a GPS denied environment of IARC mission 7 arena, we discussed about using the grid to localize the quadcopter from an initial intersection (further referred as node). The grid localization method is the easiest to implement as we just have to follow the grid in order to traverse … [Read more…]

IARC mission 7, i-robots behavior in Gazebo


The GitHub repository where this feature is developed: https://github.com/quadrotor-IITKgp/quad_simulator . The IARC mission 7 rules suggest that : It is the job of the autonomous aerial robot to redirect the ground robots and herd them toward the green side of the arena such that as many as possible cross over the green line. This is … [Read more…]

My contributions to Aerial Robotics Kharagpur

The Flock

Aerial Robotics Kharagpur comprises of enthusiastic group of students working towards building autonomous aerial vehicles, based at Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. We are advised by Prof. Jayanta Mukhopadhyay of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and Prof. D.K Pratihar of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and are funded by the Sponsored Research and … [Read more…]

The Hello World!

Coinciding with all great geeky beginnings, I “officially” announce the launch of my website. Its Go time!! Though its not the first time I am launching a web venture, but this one is different as it comes with a better future commitment with paid hosting and domain name. If you don’t know me then please … [Read more…]